Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I Apologize and More!

I apologize for not blogging enough lately but it is what it is.

Last night I invited The Hubby's brother, his partner, the mother-in-law, B&B2+Rio over for dinner and a Christmas decorating party.  Unfortunately The Hubby is feeling under the weather and so we were very delayed in getting all of the Christmas out of the attic.  I was still trying to set up the tree and un-box the ornaments when everyone started arriving.  WHEW!  Between getting a full workout yesterday and doing the Christmas thing with company, I have over done it.  My knee is a bit swollen this morning and I am exhausted.  On top of that Clayton was up several times last night getting sick.  We had new landscaping stuff in the backyard with mulch and I realized that he had apparently eaten some of it because that is what he is tossing.  Have to keep a good eye on him to make sure he is okay.  I did do a bit of painting in class and that makes me take a breather.

The invites for the big Christmas Open House went out on Sunday and yesterday I started getting RSVP's.  Only two or three but it's a start.  I'm getting a bit nervous but all will work out.  I have to get the house in order and set up "my room" like an art gallery so that everyone can see the paintings.  Then the next weekend is B's Alliday Show  and I will have a booth set up with some of my paintings, prints and note cards.  You have to come and see me.

Lastly today, I apologize for changing the way you can leave comments but I have been getting at least 20-30 spam comments daily lately.  I don't understand what has prompted this and I MUST take action.


Anonymous said...

You must post pictures of the room and all the decorations!!!

Beryl said...

That holiday show sounds like fun.