Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Deed Is Done

For the first time in WEEKS I have no pain.  Yes, no pain, and this is after surgery.  Actually, the only pain I have is where they strapped my leg down and bruised me and a rip roaring headache.  For some strange reason when I came too I had a sore throat...oh yes, the tube...but I had the urgent need to cough and they encourage me.  I heard them say I had fluid in my lungs.  That scared me.  I thought of pneumonia and I don't want that again.   
Just before they came to take me in my sweet mother-in-law arrived.  I was very happy to see her.  It was nice to know she was there too.  After the surgery when I was in recovery I heard one of my brother-in-law's, Steve.  Again I was so happy.  It's is nice to be loved.  The ride home we were followed by my MIL to help.  She is awesome like that.  While laying on the couch I could hear her puttering around in the kitchen putting things away, cleaning, doing what she does best, HELP!  The Hubby got the ice machine thing hooked up around my knee and got me all situated and I could tell he was frustrated.  I don't know if he does this stuff well.  

The Hubby went to the pharmacy to fill my pain meds, the grocery store and to get FOOD!  I had not eaten since 8 pm the night before and it was 5 pm the next day.  Ravenous!  I didn't want anything too spicy and no milk products because I was very nauseated after and still was after the car ride home.  I am notorious for throwing-up after stuff like this.  Luckily I still have not though.  Since my throat was sore I wanted pop-cicles and apple sauce, chicken noodle soup and a Diet Pepsi.  That is what I WANTED!  He couldn't believe I didn't have any Diet Pepsi here but I guess he hasn't noticed that I have not bought the stuff in bulk for months now.  I occasionally buy one!  

The Hubby came home from the pharmacy ranting and raving and madder than a wet hen.  The pain meds were percocet and they did not want to give them to him because plainly I have on my records that I CAN'T TAKE CODEINE and that is what percocet is.  He was ticked off.  Plus when he went back to pick them up the pharmacy LOST the prescription.  Oh man he was mad.  Actually, I think he was more hungry as he didn't eat lunch which makes him like a bear.  He brought home Chinese takeout (uh spicy), groceries and meds.  Groceries, well, the one thing I really wanted were the pop-cicles but he forgot them.  Then he went off a bit and said he would go back the next day.  That's okay, I don't need them now.  

{see that bruise}
We finally ate a bit, not much and then sleep.  I still woke up with this headache but it's better now that I'm up in my chair.  Pain is gone, so far.  I can put 100% weight on it but have crutches!  YIKES.  I guess they are more for stabilization than anything.  They got it cleaned out but the doc told The Hubby that I really have a lot of arthritis in the knee so back to working out.  I have got to keep the joints moving.  


Beryl said...

Glad to hear it went well. I don't think husbands like it when we're sick - mine can't cope at all. said...

Thanks for sharing even the bruises. Ha,ha.

Well it is all over the opeartion.

So continued recovery day by day.

Poor Hubby what a mix up and confusion for him.he was hungry. The chinese food sounds wonderful.

Good choice your hubby picked..

A Brit in Tennessee said...

I've left several comments, but none seem to get to you :)
Wishing you a speedy recovery, I hope the surgery fixes your knee problem.
I'm three months out of a Achilles tendon surgery, due to a knee problem, still in a Moonboot, and poor husband quite adapt at shopping, cooking, laundry and anything else, us ladies are used to doing. I think I shall ask for a raise when I take it all back :)
Hugs and continued wellness.

Kay said...

Glad to hear that it went well and you had loved ones close by taking care of you. Your poor hubby was probably agitated from worry. Funny how we both posted about surgeries today

Janie B said...

Hope all is going well with recovery. It's good to have care-takers. Speedy get well soon wishes!