Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Neighbors, Part 2

I've written about neighbors growing up now I'm on to neighbors after I married!

You see me there, apartment 1, on the porch.  We drive by this apartment building often and I still dream about it.  We lived there exactly one year when we bought our first home.  Those porches are now enclosed rooms.  I hated that they did that.  In my dream world we purchase the six apartment building and make it a house for us.  That first year was the hardest but the one with some of the most wonderful memories for me.  Upstairs in apartment 3 lived a guy named Steve.  The Hubby still hears from him once in awhile.  Nice guy, single, big, big curly hair.  We used to hear his music, which we didn't mind but we also heard other sounds....he was single!  EGAD!  To the right, apartment 2 we had several neighbors but one I remember was a young girl that sang opera.  You could hear her practice and I loved it.  Our landlord was an old guy in his early 80's named Mr. Zwieacher (think that is how I remember it spelled).  He was an amazing man.  One day The Hubby came home to find him on the back staircase with a hot water tank on his back trying to haul it upstairs to install.  Amazing man!


Anonymous said...

I love memories!!! Thanks for sharing!!

Beryl said...

You sound like the perfect tolerant young neighbors. Very sweet stories.

Haddock said...

Like those old photographs.
Yes its nice to visit the old places .... brings back memories.