Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Onion Ho(e)s

My mother gave me a treasured piece of gardening equipment that I love, love, love.  It was a onion hoe.  I have not seen one in a store in years but I have mine and I got Mommas and had The Hubby fix it for Daddy, in return Daddy found two more rusted heads in his shed.  My father is a great guy but as far as taking care of his stuff he kind of fails.  His gardening tools are leaning against the house and some are leaning against the shed which is covered a bit.  The handles have rotted and broken and the metal parts are all rusted.  He usually chooses to buy new a lot of the times. 

These are rusted but are still in pretty good shape, thank goodness.  I wanted one for the cabin since I do have one for the house so I've been on the hunt for new handles. 
I have to find a handle that has a hole that will fit over this metal peg thingy.  

Finding a hole that is big enough, well that proved to be a problem.   I went to four different stores testing dozens of handles until I finally found two. 
I'm going to have The Hubby fix these, clean them up and put a bit of an edge on them.  They are the best for chopping out weeds and getting between very tight spots to work the soil and hack the unwanted pests. 

Think when I get them fixed I'll give the son-in-law one too.  Hopefully Daddy won't ask for it back which is always a possibility. 

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Sweet Tea said...

Maybe "Out of sight, out of mind" is the way to go. If Daddy doesn't see it (the newly fixed one) maybe he won't think about it.