Sunday, April 01, 2012

Weekend Fun

Do you see that!  That would be pollen I've written Jill Of All Trades in.  I spent yesterday morning cleaning off the screened porch at the cabin in anticipation of our guests for dinner last night.  First things first was to sweep and wipe all of the horrible layers of pollen that had filtered through the screens.   
While I was working away I noticed out in the yard fighting over the bird box, several, yes several, male blue birds.  It was a sight but before I could retrieve my camera they had stopped.  This actually happened all morning long and I was never able to get the camera quick enough.   
I had to settle for a husband and wife team of purple finches.
Here are some of the chairs I dragged out the door to wash off the yellow and green pollen.

Yes that blur in the center is another purple finch but the camera focused on the Japanese Kierra in the background.  Love the yellow flowers.  My grandmother always called it a Mexican Rose so finding it in the greenhouse was pretty hard.  They always looked at me like I was crazy.  Thanks to Southern Living magazine I ran across it and was able to know what I was talking about. 

We enjoyed a wonderful evening last night with friends.  I cooked Pioneer Woman's Beef Tenderloin which was a rousing success.  We laughed and told stories and had the best time.  I love my/our friends. 

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Beryl said...

The birds don't often coopperate with the camera for me. Japanese Kierra is a beautiful plant. I love yellow flowers.
I got so stuffy that I called my Doctor and the nurse just started laughing on the phone, saying that since this is my first real Spring in Tulsa, maybe no one had told me about the pollen. I told her that Jill did. Thanks!