Saturday, February 07, 2009

Where is the sun!

Where is the sun. The weather "guys" have promised a little sunshine today and I'm banking on it. I need sun. Wait, it's trying to peek through the over cast sky. I'm sitting on Harri's wonderful deck again tapping off Grumps wireless service (he's fine with that) and I think spring is trying to take hold. For months now the air has been silent. The birds have not been singing at all but this morning, yes I hear them, chirping and singing saying spring is around the corner. Today they are telling me, "Don't worry, the sun will make an appearance." I'm so ready for spring.

I woke up this morning about 7:30, yes I slept in, and The Hubby was still asleep. It is a little after 9:30 now and when I came over here to the deck about 9, he was still snoring! That is really unheard of for him. We partied a little last night on Sin and Bare's deck. Sin fixed crockpot fajitas. (I'll find out how she cooks them.) They were awesome. We had Tex-Mex fest with lots of wine and for me champagne or sparkling wine. We had laughter and lots of girl talk inside about Brazilian Wax while the guys were outside around the fire farting and telling dirty jokes. We are planning a Sock-Hop for next weekend at the wigwam so I loaded up my IPOD with 50's music and that was playing outside. After a bit the doors opened, the music spilled in and most of the ladies found themselves on the deck with the guys dancing the mashed potato and twist. It was an awesome time last night and I don't have a hangover or headache to speak of. When we hit the sheets last night I cranked open the window and didn't close it till about 4 am. The air was crisp and clear and the moon bright, making the room look like we turned the lights on. It was an fantastic Friday night at CC.

Today I hope to get a little drawing in, a little writing, a little reading, and a little walking. Tomorrow I will be back in town, hopefully for the Street Cats Furry Valentine auction to benefit the no-kill shelter. My girl Sheezekrafty will have some jewelry in it for the worthwhile organization that she has volunteered for a number of years and where her two babies Pimmy and Vera came from.

I almost forgot, Daddy called The Hubby's cell phone last night which there is very little service here. The Hubby told me to call him back and I did pretty quick as my daddy never calls unless something is up. I called him back with a mild pannic in my chest. He just wanted to tell me that he went to the doctor and the doc told him he needs his hip replaced. Well, you know that is part of what happened to Momma. We put her in the nursing home, she fell a few days into her stay, had surgery, and was gone the next month. The therapist on Thursday told me that HE didn't think I had dealt fully with the loss of my momma and friend Gail, like my girls have said. I poo-pooed that idea but yesterday I found out he may be right. At lunch with The Hubby at the wonderful Bangkok Thai buffet I told him about my session with the guy and what he said and then I explained that his little near death experience brought out all the feelings again after 2 years (almost 3 now). Then we started talking about my not wanting the responsibility of my daddy and his impending health stuff and then he tried to explain that may be the feeling of his oldest brother and why he didn't show up at the hospital when The Hubby was on the vent for three days. I've been VERY pissed off at the BIL over this and The Hubby defended him. I'm sorry. I got upset and told The Hubby that even though we knew he was going to be alright that it was his brother and it was scary but that I needed the support. It would have been for me too. I almost started to break down right there. I couln't believe how angry I was over it. Hmmm, maybe the therapist is right. I told him I would not have another appointment for a few months but I may have to rescend that option. Now I have to worry about Daddy and his operation and I have the power of attorney, I'm on all the documentation of his finances and pertinent papers and I'm not sure I want the responsibility. There is that word again. I think I want to run away from it sometimes. Got to think on this one.


Char said...

I'm sorry you have to deal with this - that's the thing with aging parents. Hopefully it will go much smoother this time.

the party sounds wonderful.

Kelly said...

The therapist seems pretty smart. I'd definitely think about it some more.