Sunday, February 22, 2009

Weekend in Duncan

I'm back from my awesome girls weekend in Duncan. Yes, yes I know there is not much there to do but I have a friend there and she made it an awesome weekend. First, before I go into much detail of the weekend I must say THANK YOU to everyone who commented on my previous post on the awful doctors visit. I am going to draft a letter to the regular doctor this week and let him know what happened. If he condones this practice then bye-bye!

Now for the weekend. D picked me up at lunch time on Friday afternoon and we made a quick stop at Panera for some bread for B as Duncan has nothing to compare. We had a bite to eat and were on our way. Oh, and Donna also made a stop at Whole Foods for halibut, cheeses and fruit for our weekend as again can not be found in Duncan. So sad for a great cook as B is. Finally, we were on our way. The drive was about threes hours of chatter, chatter, chatter. It made the drive very short. We arrived at B & M's beautiful new house and were greeted with hugs and laughter. A quick tour of B&M's house and the wonderful artist's loft B uses to create her beautiful watercolors then we were ready to continue how we started the weekend off at Panera, with food. It seems the whole weekend would be wrapped around FOOD! M cracked open some awesome wine, Rosso by Francis Ford Coppola which I had way too much of and had to hit the blow up mattress at an early 7:30. I'm rushing ahead. Since we hit the town close to dinner and were famished M proceeded to create some wonderful homemade pizzas. The first one was a homemade pesto that B made herself. Next he made a caramelized red onion and tomato sauce and the last a supreme. I'm not sure which one this one was but they were all awesome and made for delicious lunch the next day.Tummies full we hit the sheets. I of course much sooner than the others although they imbibed a bit themselves after I went to bed.

Our Hosts: B & M

The next morning was brought with fresh donuts that M's brother makes in his donut shop and yummy coffee. We puttered around the house reading design magazines, chatting and watching cooking shows and M showed me his Kindle he got from Amazon. I WANT ONE! The plan for the day was to look around the town and do a little shopping. The first place was a clothing store which I bought too many cute little tops. Then we hit a couple of designer stores. A quick trip back to the house for yummy pizza then we were on to a couple of antique shops. One special place B wanted to take us was to a bead shop where she had some special beads and we each made our own earrings to commemorate the weekend we shared.

Back home for more food...yes, yes, yes. B whipped up some a wonderful appetizer of fresh tomatoes, basil, mozzarella cheese, capers and balsamic glaze and more Rosso wine.
Then came the delicious fish tacos that she made with halibut, chopped cabbage, hot peppers and avocado's.
I was stuffed.

D, B and Me after dinner. I'm wearing one of my new purchases and we all have our earrings on. Unfortunately, my face is back to natural as I'm not supposed to wear makeup for a bit because of the eye thing so I'm back to the no bra, no makeup and no shoes!

After dinner we all got our comfys on and headed to the couch for an after dinner drink (I can't remember what it was). We listened to music and then tried to watch a movie.

This morning I heard talking in the kitchen but with no clock in the room I wasn't sure what time it was. It was still dark but the sweet aroma of coffee let me know it was definitely morning. I got up to find B and M puttering around in the kitchen with the sun beginning to peak through. I grabbed my cameras and rushed outside to capture the moment.

Shortly afternoon D shuffled around the corner squinting and asking what time it was. I told her to go back to bed but it was too late, she was awake. M went to the store to get a few goodies for our wonderful chef to cook breakfast and was back in a flash. B go busy frying up bacon, potatoes and eggs but they were all with a twist. The eggs were spiced up with chives and a light goat cheese and the potatoes were spicy with red onions fried in. D squeezed fresh orange juice with a grapefruit added and breakfast was on. After the delicious breakfast we packed up and then made a quick trip to visit a friend of B's and her friends new grand baby. The next stop was a lunch date with D's daughter in Norman where she is a student. It was a wonderful Mexican restaurant called Tara? something. Very good. I rolled back into the truck and fought sleep all the way home. D and I had some really nice talks going to Duncan and then back home. It's so nice to break out and make some new friends. I so needed this weekend and it gives me hope that I will survive this drought in my life with my friendships. I love you D & B and M too. Thank you.


Lisa said...

Now that looks like a great weekend !

Debbie said...

Sounds just like the type of therapy you needed.

Flea said...

Oh that sounds like so much FUN! The pesto pizza looks yummy. And Daylight Donuts! Mmm. Their sausage rolls are to die for!

Debbie said...

Well, that just looks like the perfect weekend. Good for you!

Red from Ktown said...

Wow...seems like you really had a fun packed weekend. Lots of great recipes, food, wine (although I'd rather have a beer. See 'A Wine Story' blog)....

I think we all need a weekend like that!