Monday, March 20, 2023

Loss and Hope

This week we say goodbye to yet another dear friend.  This guy, Tom, was a cabinite until he and his love decided it was time to move back to town.  They lived full time at their cabin, built new by them, for a few years.  We've known them at least 20 years, our weekend buddies.  They moved back to town just in time for him to do battle with cancer, which did not this time, unfortunately.  Oh my we missed him so much when they moved back to town but now, will miss him forever.  Tom was the guy who was quick to call The Hubby when we hit the cabin area to come over and smoke a cigar with The Hubby.  He would come over and we would talk books and life in general.  I will never fix potato salad again without him in mind.  He requested it time and time again.  

One of the greats he was, and ACCOMPLISHED.  His obituary in the paper yesterday was awe inspiring.  I had no idea he was a pilot at one time.  I did know he was a great lawyer, was once JAG for the military.  Quite a wonderful gentleman.  Tomorrow we go to say a final goodbye to a great friend.  Lots of prayers for his wife Peggy as she has been through the wringer of emotions and loss lately.  A month ago she lost a grandson and now her dear husband.  

On to some good news.  This big guy is close to coming home this time.  He's nearly 14 pounds now and next Tuesday will have another procedure on his GJ tube and the plan is he will be home later that week!!!
There is the distinct hope he will be here for Easter and we could not be happier.  Our dear Maximilian, our warrior.


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