Saturday, February 25, 2023

Precious Grands

Painting time...

Well, this has been a week, I will not lie.  I've struggled to be granny with this cutie pie.  She does test my limits but I know it is all temporary and a must.  I must help as they wait for the doctors to release Max.  He was on the path to head home on Thursday, but it didn't happen.  His parents were on the 48 hour total care in the hospital so they could prepare and know exactly how to care for him at home but he started throwing up and his heart rate rose rapidly.  They had to call in the nurses and doctors, run all kinds of tests and put him back on oxygen and an  48 hour antibiotic drip in case of infection.  They're still not sure what caused it all but he is better now.  This caused his release to be delayed for Monday.  Here's where the "I won't lie" thing comes in, I confess, I cried.  I cried because of a lot of things, disappointment of him still there and because of exhaustion from a darling 3 year old in my chaotic world.  OMG, she can make me absolutely belly laugh and my face feels like it wants to break from smiling.  Then there are times when I've just had enough.  It is constant 3 year old chattering and being ON ALL THE TIME!  I can manage it and with a couple of breaks from B&B2 tag teaming watching her, allowing me to just get out, all is better.  B2 came to watch her on Thursday morning and I was able to spend some quality time at my easel, maybe finishing one of the paintings.  Friday B came and stayed while I went to the office to do payroll, run a few errands and have a nice lunch with The Hubby.  In fact when I got back home she was asleep on the couch, naked, of course.  You see she was up at 5:30 am yesterday!  I knew she would crash.  This regression potty training thing is a bitch I can tell you.  I remember when my girls potty trained and it was generally in the summer when you just let them run around naked.  If she has no diaper on she will run to the potty and she can do it all on her own, even on the big potty!  I was thinking yesterday, because she is bored at home now and wants to go, go, go, that if I make it seem in her mind, that we have to stay home because of no panties, but if she wants to go, go, go, then she has to wear panties!  I think that is actually swirling around in her mind.

This is ALL worth it...

I know sweet Snicklefritz is over the duo sleepovers but it just can't be helped.  She misses OUR time together tremendously.  Hopefully next weekend it will just be her and I.

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