Wednesday, February 01, 2023

Kiddos Update

Feel like it's been a New York minute since I've posted here.  Last week was a few days of having the girls for overnights.  I love it but boy does it wipe me out.  She gets easier and easier to keep until she has her meltdowns.  It's funny that they don't happen much when it's just me.  She has a competition thing going with Snicklefritz, sibling-like.  Whatever Snicklefritz has or wants she wants too.  The sharing thing is a vague concept to her, trying to get across.  
Poor Snicklefritz gets frustrated too and ends up in the bedroom hiding out.  I get it.  Trying to reason with a 3 year old sometimes is frustrating and complicated.  Yet, when they are in sync they are the best of friends and Snicklefritz is so very good with her.  When they are around it's toys and toys and toys everywhere but the giggles outweigh all the inconvenience.  This week has been light in the Granny Taxi time because of our ice/sleet everywhere.  I do not, EVER venture out in this stuff.  I did have to head to the office on Monday but The Hubby carefully helped me into his truck and out at the door of the office so I could do invoicing.  The times to do that will be less and less, two more months worth actually!  March 31 will be the ending of invoicing.  The money will be still rolling in and the last of the payroll will be then if not before.  It's really a reality.  The office this week has been quiet as the employees are staying put, no one is going on jobsites.  The weather never stops The Hubby from going in to the office.  He goes in the same time every morning but what he is up to is beginning the cleaning out of the downstairs offices in readiness for my studio!!!!  He's really making a dent in files and furniture move out.  I thought it would take longer but with time on his hands he can't stand it.  I need, I want to go in and start boxing up files.  We will need to keep them in storage for I think 5 years and after that SHRED DAY!  
We've been trying to figure out what we are keeping in the office and what we are not keeping at this time and where exactly I'm going to set up.  Luckily we are keeping a nice drafting table I can use for drawing and watercolors.  I have my taboret table and various shelves, etc.  I have sooooooooooo many canvas's painted and unpainted.  A lot of them need to be repainted over.  I really don't need to buy a canvas again in my lifetime I think.  Yes, I'm moving out of my current studio in the next few months.  I hate that I won't be with Linda anymore but it is time.  What is nice is that she teaches out of her home too and has a standing offer for me to come to her class, free, to paint with everyone once a week.  When all this studio/office move gets straightened up and baby is home I will take her up on the offer.  I miss painting with other people.  I miss her company.

On the Max front, he is doing exceptionally well.  They've pretty much weaned him off of most things and his blood pressure is finally righting itself to normal levels.  Af finally gets to hold him now, with help as he does have a few things still attached.  He is even getting a lot of food through the tube in his nose!!!  Today the will be pulling most of the lines out.  
Honestly it's a possibility that he will get to come home in the next month until about June and the next surgery.
Oh that smile says it all.

While the girls are here at the house I've been setting up the watercolors.  I even brought in the little kids table but Min wants to sit by me at my big table.  I made the mistake of not taking the tablecloth off but it's watercolor.  I will take it off eventually as there is a plastic cover on the table that can get all kinds of stuff on it.  

I am doing a lot of these tiny watercolor things and plan on giving them for Christmas next year.  This one got snatched up by Af pretty quick.

I also, FINALLY, set up my Christmas present to me, my EdgePro Plein Air Easel.  I'm really hoping that this summer at the cabin to set up a lot outside to paint plein air.  This one a friend took the photo and said I could paint any of her photos.  She and her husband have been all over the world and she posts tons of great photos of places I will never go to,  i.e MOUNTAINS!  I think this one will be great when done.  I have a show to enter stuff into this spring and I need some things but I also have some already painted that I can enter.
The deer painting I'll finish at the studio.  I brought it home but just can't get back into it right now.  Honestly it's close to being done.  Thought I would put it in the show but it's a fall thing and the show is called "Spring Show" and they advised to maybe follow that.  Hmmmph...okay.  I know this is fall-y too but it's colorful.

Today, another day not leaving the house and not changing into real clothes.  I think tomorrow I will be out and about.  I'm sure that school will be back in session and will have to transport Min to school and will have to watch her on Friday morning, unless Bri watches her.  I have some stuff to wrap up at the office. We have a wedding to go to on Friday night and I HAD planned on doing a bit of clothes shopping this week to try to find something fluffy, not jeans wear, but this weather messed that up.  I'm sure I can rummage around in my closet for stuff.  Oh well, onward to the rest of the week.  

Toodles all!


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