Sunday, August 28, 2022

Patrick Saunders Workshop

What a FANTASTIC time I've had these past 3 days.  After it was canceled 2 years ago because of Covid, we FINALLY got to take Patrick Saunders workshop.  What an incredibly nice man and giving instructor he is.  He really wanted to share and help us to become better artists.  
As is usual he did a demo the first part of each day and day 1, Thursday he did that.  Watching those cows appear on the canvas was incredible.  His approach is familiar yet different and refreshing.  I was in such need of a workshop and this was the perfect one to jump start my mind again.
He even had these words to evaluate your drawing/painting process and it was great.  He then gave each of us a little business size card to keep and remember these words, again nice man.

Day 2 was florals and he is quite a master in them.  He started out his working career at Hallmark doing flowers (honestly I like these better.)
After each day of watching and then painting I went home absolutely exhausted, mentally mostly.  (You know I take a nap everyday and missed that!)

Day 3 was pet portraits, again he is a master.  Pet portraits and "human" portraits are basically the same process.  

My first day at the easel was a struggle to begin.  I always have that issue on the first day with a new instructor and surrounded by new people who see what I can or cannot do.  I will finish this one and yes it is quite familiar as I've painted this road several times, selling every one I have painted.

My day 2 was yet again another familiar photo that I've painted before and sold but it just spoke to me.
This one needs a bit of tweeking but I felt better painting on Day 2 and more confident.

Also Day 2 I purchased one of his paintings!  It will hang proudly on my collector wall in the dining room.  This painting is also an award winner and I'd seen it on his Facebook page loved it.
I did paint Day 3 but forgot to take a photo of it.  I'll finish and share later, it's a person.

I did finish this in the studio on Tuesday and promptly sold it!  I will probably paint it again because I love to paint roads and shadows playing on the road.

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