Monday, August 08, 2022


SURPRISE! Surprise lilies at the cabin, or as they are more commonly known Pink Ladies or NAKED Ladies. I forget every year that I even have any. They've been in the ground at least 20+ years as I did not plant them and we've had the cabin 20+ years now.  
I've spent the second weekend in isolation, mostly on my beloved screened porch reading while The Hubby stayed inside in the cool. I can handle the heat, in fact love it. In two weeks I've read 5 books and stacks more are waiting but would really like to go to the studio and paint at some point but I want to respect the partnered space I share with Linda.  She is not there as she is in ICELAND!  She's vacationing but that doesn't mean I need to spread my cooties so I sadly stay away.  Today I'm starting week three of being Covid positive. Week one: worst sore throat of my life, Week two head cold, not too bad, Week three, loss of smell and partial taste and still stopped up. I nearly burned dinner Friday night because I couldn't smell it burning. I am so over this crap but I also recognize that if I had not been vaccinated and double boosted I might not have had this sort of "easier" case. The early part of the pandemic I was so terrified by the whole thing, honestly still am but it's a bit of relief to have had it.  I'm really tired of not seeing people, kiddos and grands especially.  I'm hoping that the middle of the week I will finally test negative.  I'm also tired of NOT having my husband sleep with me.  Because he is negative and sleeping means close quarters he chooses to sleep in the guest bedroom, going on week two now.  You know we had probably 20 tests in the cabinet we got free from the government and now we are down to 2 (2 in each box so 4).  I am not testing today as I still have stopped up symptoms and will probably wait till at least Wednesday so we can have THE WEEKEND with friends, hopefully.  Also getting really tired of eating in.  I WANT to go out to eat.  Oh DAMMIT, DAMN COVID!!!

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