Thursday, February 05, 2015

It Can Be Done

The 30 day painting challenge is done but I'm still painting  I took a couple of days off and I'm not rushing to complete anything but I still feel the draw to the easel.  On Monday's and Wednesday's I watch Rio at the office and I'm still able to paint, quite successfully.  This week she has literally been under my feet at the easel while I create, but I don't mind.  I enjoy her chatter and questions.  She does get in the game too at her easel and it's amazing to watch her get so quiet as she makes her little watercolor brush work the canvas.  

Look what the darling got last week!  Their sweet kitten Opal passed away and though it was rough an opportunity happened to bring ZeeBee into their life.  This kitten absolutely loves Rio and she is so gentle with him.  They will be pals forever.   May have to paint this!

Created these jewels this week with Snicklefritz under my feet! 
11x14 oil on senso linen canvas

11x14 oil on senso linen canvas
$ 175

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Linda Kay said...

The cat picture is excellent, but that beautiful baby is something else again. She is so cute!