Saturday, May 10, 2014


I am bound and determined that today will be peaceful and without drama.  It's is Saturday and the day before Mother's Day.  I also forgot this week that Tuesday would have been Momma and Daddy's 59th wedding anniversary.  All the stuff that has been going on it just slipped my mind and I kind of think Daddy's because he never said a word.

The new word on all that has happened is that the heart institute place did not have the insurance right, that since he has he own insurance it is a Medicare replacement.  What, I am so confused because the other hospital place filed through his Medicare.  They will have to re-request through the insurance to okay his test, 3 months after his heart attack.  GOOD GRIEF.  I sent an email to Sis and Bro saying that we have to have a family meeting to clarify it all and Sis to explain because insurance is what she does.....deep breath.  In, out, in, out....where's my easel!

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