Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Family Drama

I guess that I have sat long enough reading old blogs posts that I have cooled down.  My morning started not in a good way.  My dad is still having the problem with the hospital sending him a bill for his stay in September for the stroke.  We have determined that the hospital did not recognize that he had a secondary insurance and they were supposed to rerun it, apparantly they had not done.  I called them again on Monday and talked to a very nice guy who took my, Daddy's, info and said he would look into it.  This morning I received another call from another very nice guy who tells me that Daddy's insurance was not enforce when he was in the hospital in September and in fact did not take effect until February this year.  REALLY.  Daddy has had the same insurance since Mom died, 8 YEARS AGO!  Good grief.  I was pretty hot but told the guy I would have to check into it. 

This is not what I am angry at really.  I am angry at my sister.  I guess I need to to quit expecting any, ANY help from here when it comes to our father.  I emailed her, PLEADING that I need help with this insurance bog I'm in.  I ask help with her because she is in the industry and she works for the dang company!  She also knows how to navigate all of it and frankly, I just don't have time right this minute.  I am so frustrated by her unwillingness to be of any kind of assitance in dealing with our father.  I just don't get it.  I am really pissed at her right now, really pissed.  

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Sweet Tea said...

Unfortunately this is common among siblings. I know you know that. Still, it's very difficult when you're the one who's being responsible. My sister and I are legal co-guardians of our Mother. Mom lives with me. My sister deals with all the financial issues. It's not a perfect arrangement but I'd say it works well 90% of the time.