Thursday, May 08, 2014

Bad Day

Yesterday was horrible, just horrible!  I started my day as usual; up, coffee, eat protein, exercise, shower and then to the office.  Except in between shower and then to the office I had a phone call.  It was from the StFHS about Daddy's health claim.  I had called them Monday to give them Daddy's health card info so they could run it yet again to cover that dang $1300 bill they keep saying he owes.  I mean the guy has Medicare and private health insurance, he should not have anything out of his pocket yet we are still dealing with something that happened in September of last year.  We realized that they were not using his private health insurance as the secondary.  Anyway, I called them Monday and thought it would be handled.  So this morning the guy, Joey, told me that Daddy's health insurance said that his health insurance was not in effect in September when he had his stroke that it didn't start until February this year.  WHAT!  He has had constant health insurance with the same company since Momma died, eight years ago.  I then sent an email pleading with my sister to help with this crap because she works for the insurance company and this is what she does but instead she just sent me a text back just saying, "you need to call ***Health Insurance." That was all, no help, nothing just you do it.  Good grief.  I decided I would deal with this later, like another day.

Then after lunch my phone rings and it's Daddy's doctor office, his old doctor that is no longer practicing because he has cancer but Daddy is still with the system and the new doc he sees is part of the group.  They call and they need to see Daddy's insurance cards before his echocardiogram tomorrow that brother is taking him to.  They need the cards "TODAY!"  So, guess what I do, I jump in my car and go to Daddy's to get the cards take them to the office.  I live in Tulsa and Daddy lives in Broken Arrow so it is a small trek for me.  I go to Daddy's and he is not there.  CRAP.  I wait and finally he shows up.  He has been to his friend Jay's to visit.  I get the cards, copy them for my files and then I take off to the doc's office.  I have to admit I am not good remembering to get a person's name and phone number that I talk to.  I know I am bad, bad about that.  Anyway, I go to the office that I have been to before and the doc's name is on the little placard yet this office does not.  I can't find because of course he is no longer in the practice.  I go from floor three to two and find someone who can help, where all his patients are now, yet they are a bit confused about why I'm there.  They get the stuff into his records and then leave.  My cell rings just five minutes later and it's the girl who says that Daddy doesn't have an appointment there.  Then asks if it is at the heart institute, yes I say.  She says they don't have reciprocate info with them but if they call tomorrow she will fax the stuff.  I said well, brother will be with Daddy tomorrow and will have all his info and cards.  I don't care it is in the system...or is it.  Then back to Daddy's and I call the other health system that is dealing with his September stay in the hospital and realize that I've given them the wrong insurance info.  Fix that problem and they will refile...hope it works this time.

Is my day done, oh no not at all.  

I run back to the office and wrap up what I was doing there and then head home for a nice drink and relax.  I am home no longer than 5 minutes when my cell rings and it's Daddy and he is upset.  He wants to know if the heart institute has called me.  I said no, why.  He said that they want their money upfront before tomorrow for his procedure and the guy was apparently was not nice to Daddy and he was not nice back.  He was so upset.  It's funny that brother and I just talked about that.  That they will try that tactic first thing but you don't have to fall for that and we WON'T!  I told Daddy that brother would take care of it tomorrow and not too worry.  I hang up, lay the phone down and then my cell rings.  I think it's the heart institute and so I don't answer it.  Then the house phone rings and I let it ring.  Then my phone starts again.  Great, I answer it.  Let me first tell you that tomorrow was a problem for me in scheduling because I had a GYN appointment for three months and I NEED to go in then they scheduled Daddy's echocardiogram on that day at close to the same time and then The Hubby is taking a small trip and needs to get to the airport at the same time.  So scheduling was tricky.  I got bro to take Daddy to the doc, The Hubby had a ride and I could make my appointment though sad to not see The Hubby off.  Now back to the ringing phone.  I answer the third ringing batch and it was my GYN doctor office and the meek girl said they needed to reschedule my appointment to June 10.  I WAS NOT NICE to the poor girl.  I was so angry that I could tell my blood pressure was up, up, up and I wanted to cry.  I mean I have been trying to make it all work and I put out fires all day long and then this.  The good thing is that I will get to take The Hubby to the airport and see him off, but I'm still PISSED OFF!  


Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Jeez Louise, sorry.

I hate dealing with the insurance, always have, people yap about Obamacare taking their choices away and it like huh? What choices did we ever have.

20 North Ora said...

Can't insurance just drive you crazy? My husband has had a lot of health problems this year and the insurance has been so smooth. I just keep waiting for something to go wrong. Maybe it won't! I am in Tulsa also. I am new to your blog and your newest follower.