Monday, April 28, 2014

Workshop - Day 3

Day three of he workshop with Derek Penix and it was plein air painting.  Thankfully the weather cooperated with a bit of wind.  It was a bit chilly when not in the sun but I enjoyed sitting in the sun while he created.
It is amazing how he looks at things, sees the light and dark and starts swiping on color to create.

I know it's blurry but this is the final tree he did in a couple of hours. 

Side note:  I had to boogie out of actually painting plein air to head home and get ready for our evening out the the DVIS Monarch Ball.  The plan was a dress and pumps but my ankles have been bothering me and the knee was just still too wobbly so flats and fancy pants and I was ready.  We danced, yes I danced with The Hubby.  I told him no spinning and twirling but he didn't hear so I spun and twirled to the best of my knee would do.  Unfortunately, a neighboring man with heels on his shoes stopped all the dancing when he CRUSHED the top of my foot.  I know it's hard to see but the top of my foot is now green, orange, red, rust, blue and black.   

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Beryl said...

Sorry about your sore foot - what a pain! That painting class looked like lots of fun for a painter like yourself. It has been pleasant weather lately, hasn't it?