Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Round Whatever

It's round whatever in the snow episodes here in Oklahoma and the rest of the country.  Even though Tuesday is my day to not work at the office,  I HAD to go in.  So I bundled up my art supplies for class later, lunch for me and The Hubby and went in to do a bit of work.  Good thing because my desk was knee deep with invoicing and two days of mail.  I didn't pay any bills but I did get the invoicing done and a couple of quotes for The Hubby and a deposit and then I was off to class.  I wasn't sure anyone would be there but I called Ziegler's and they said Ross was there!!!!

So off I went.
I got lucky that the front room class was not in attendance and got a front door parking spot to haul my supplies in.  This is the view from their windows. 

By the end of the two hour class it was nearly gone and slushy.  Now we have the winds blowing in to bring the temps and wind chill down, down, down!
In fact, I am writing this very early this Wednesday morning, 3:07 AM.  I woke up about 1:30 and had to pea which sometimes gets my mind whirring, which it did.  I could NOT go back to sleep not matter how hard I tried.  So after over an hour of tossing and turning, here I am writing on my blog.  The Oklahoma winds are NOT helping either. 
Accomplished more sky on the large commission project!  Week three done.  I hope to have it completed by the end of February or first week of March.

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