Monday, February 03, 2014

Monday Ramblin's

Yup it's doing that nasty snowy cold stuff again.  Rio enjoyed it and actually wore her little boots.  The kid HATES shoes of any kind.  Isn't she just adorable!

Today is my usual day to watch her at the office but with the roads kind of yucky Briana was not comfortable getting a baby out so I went to their house to watch her.  I went in to the office early and got my stuff done then headed over to their house.  It was kind of fun to let her enjoy her home digs.  While there I had lap full of cats with Vera and Sammy and their black lab Mondo was just a sweet gentleman offering his paw for me to pet.  

This is Vera and I may have to paint her.  I am doing an online pet drawing class and this photo is perfect for painting.  

This was just the tip of the snowberg and today it melted off but we are in for another round tomorrow and Thursday and Friday....SNOW I am so over you, pretty or not!

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