Thursday, October 10, 2013

Work, Daddy and ART!

Guess, I had better give an update.  Sorry I have been missing here but my mind has just not been wanting to write lately.  

Daddy is mending.  He may go home in a few days and be sort of back to normal, except for the driving bit. We have got to find him a new doctor which has caused a problem through this whole ordeal.  His regular doctor has stage 4 pancreatic cancer and won't be coming back and I think Daddy thought he would.  So we have got to go doctor shopping.  Not a good place to be with that but we will make it happen.  We will get through.

Work has been good but a bit crazy with employees.  That can make you a bit nuts too.  We have made it for 34 years and we will make it through.  It's just crazy to run your business plus be in the middle of contruction projects of your own.  It can make you a bit weary as The Hubby can attest to but we will get through.  

The art stuff is rocking along.  We had a kind of reception on Saturday with about 14 of the lake place ladies there for lunch to see my work.  I sent out probably 100 post cards plus marketing on Facebook, my blog(s), emails,  and leaving postcards places.  I hope it works to get people there and SELL!!!  Also good news is one of my paintings was selected to be in the Philbrook Festival of Trees.  It's kind of a big deal because it is a juried show!  How exciting is that!  


Unknown said...

That is so awesome, Carla! It is a huge deal to be in that show. I am so jealous!!

Sweet Tea said...

Anything regarding Philbrook IS a big deal. Congratulations and Good luck!!