Saturday, October 26, 2013

My Week In Review

Guess I have come to blogging once a week instead of every day as of late.  I'm okay with that.  Lots of stuff to pile up and talk about I guess.

The Hubby went out of town Sunday to Tuesday for a guy weekend and I just pulled into myself as I was just not feeling well.  In fact, art class I painted but just didn't feel it.  I am liking what I am working on in this photo.  It's from one of the cabins front porch from this summer.  See the tiny photo on the easel and the big one is the painting.  There will be a corner full of flowers I think next week in class.  
My show at The Canebrake is just about to wrap up and so far as I've heard, nothing has sold, yet.  I guess that is okay as it is nice to at least have it out there, to be in the public eye, name recognition!  

Did I tell you that one of my paintings will be at the Philbrook Festival of Trees!  That is a BIG deal as it is a juried show! 

Rio is now officially a walker.  She's played around with walking for over a month now but Thursday she just preferred walking instead of crawling.  I bought this little chair for her a week ago and took it to the shop.  It may have been too much for her at first as she insisted on sitting on the arms and standing most of the time but with a little persistent "SIT DOWN" she mastered it.  It is a favorite place for her and since I read a lot while watching her, she will get a book and climb in it and pretend to read her book.  So CUTE!

We've had a couple of marriages happen in the family, one good and one not so.  The niece that I have written about here ran off last weekend and got married.  If she doesn't have enough crap going on in her life.  It was a bonehead move on her part.  She needed to get her life going in a better direction before that should have happened but what do I know.  

Another marriage, the BEST, is The Hubby's brother and his partner.  They flew to Manhattan and tied the knot and we could not have been happier.  The have been together for years and years and we love them immensely.  It was the best news and we can't wait to celebrate with them when they return!

Yesterday I was attending a women's financial conference at OSU-Tulsa put on by the Women's CPA something.  No, I am not a CPA but a friend is and it was put on to enlighten women about finance.  One of the sessions was about Obamacare and the whole day could have been on that.  The intense questions and information that was given was very useful, especially for business owners like us.   It was a woman empowering day and I intend on attending again next year.  

While there I received a text from my high school bestie (in the middle) with these photos.  OH MY GOODNESS!  The Three Musketeers we were.  It was Christmas and I think we were at her house.  I have not ever seen these photos.  
LOVE THEM (the photos and the girls).

I posted this on Facebook and the response was about my long hair.  Yes, and it got even longer as I didn't cut it until 1979 (this photo was 1973 probably), just after Bri was born.   
Those were the days weren't they.  This week has been a bit of reminiscences with these photos and movies.  On Sunday night while The Hubby was gone I happened onto American Graffiti and watched it from beginning to end.  I know that was a bit before my time (not by much though) but we still did some of the same stuff.  Mainly draggin' the main strip (Main Street) in our cars, back and forth and back and forth, stopping to chat in parking lots and such.  Takes me back and these photos do too.  I do miss those times, I really do.  It was an age of innocence for me.  

This next week will be full of art, art, art.  Tomorrow I am attending an all day IPad art class that I am kind of excited about.  I have to borrow Bri's IPad as I don't have one.  Monday is a lot of work as The Hubby is invoicing this weekend and then babysitting the little SnickleFritz.  Thursday my show ends and I have to take it down!  But then the whirlwind of Thanksgiving is on the horizon and Af is coming home!!!!!  We also have Bri's Alliday Show the weekend after Thanksgiving of which we will ALL be helping and attending.  I will have more on it later.  

Well, I toodles for now readers.  


Anonymous said...

I just read and looked. Very nice to look back isnt it of your show and tell Jill.

Hope your feeling better soon.

Yes will be interesting to see what you will add to your first post.Flowers.

Oh what a sweetie looking Rio child. She is now sitting. Standing at that age is a little edgy for you as they have not any fear and next may try to jump off the chair. She is tiny and tiny legs right.

Beryl said...

You had the most perfect 1970's hair - I can see why you didn't cut it. That is the cutest little girl in her chair. Looks quite comfortable.