Saturday, October 19, 2013

Seasons of Change

Seasons change and I'm already missing the wonderful summer.  Even though our summer was not up to the snuff of the famous Oklahoma summers of the past, it was summer. 
Clayton will miss swimming in the creek.  See the little speck there, he and The Hubby love splashing in the creek after the Clayton run in the meadow.   
The deer will be here always but foraging for different kinds of food.  Look at that poor gal.  It's either a tumor or abcess on her jaw.  She's been in our area since she was a meer fawn with it so must be a growth of some kind. 
Of course the summer would not be complete without some of the visiting four-legged woof-woof's.  This one is a new baby and I can't for the life of me remember her name.  Isn't she adorable...think I will HAVE to paint her. 
Gone will be barefeet.  I don't know what it is about my feet but I love to take pictures of them.  If you have a foot fetish...sorry! 
Gone will be red lucious home-grown tomatoes...till next year! 
Time flies too as sweet Rio turned a year and is on to the next birthday.   
She had fun at her 1 year birthday party with her best pal Mondo!   
We now usher in mums, crisp fall air and fires in the fireplace. 
Oh, almost forgot the neighbor pup, Sissy!  Isn't she styling.  Will have to paint her too to go along with her little girl Annie that I painted for Harri a few years ago. 

Last night we hosted a gathering at our cabin of chili and homemade apple pies.  Gosh, I had not made pie crust in a few years.  It's my greatgranny's recipe and so very, very good. 

Chili to warm the insides on the rainy and cold October evening.  A fire in the fireplace and a yummy cocktail of apple cider and caramel vodka!  Yes, that was delicious and Zantac was consumed so I could sleep!

baked and in the fridge.  I made two and one was gone in less than 5 minutes.  This one will save for The Hubby's guy getaway tomorrow! 
Lastly, the last of the tomatoes.  I have one plant in the front of the cabin and the thing was loaded with green tomatoes but with a frost warning I quickly picked them last evening.  Think I will have to go off the diet and fry these babies up. 
Toodles all.  It's a long post and full of stuff cause I don't when I will get time to do this in the next few weeks. 


Yogi♪♪♪ said...

I'll miss summer also but fall is my favorite season and if we are lucky it lasts a good long while here in Oklahoma.

Flea said...

Not the summer you like? This was the best summer EVER! No real drought like the last couple of years. No 120 degree days. It was awesome!

But yes, I'll miss barefoot weather. I turned the heat on about five minutes ago. Really hoping for snow this year, though!

Kay said...

I made chili yesterday too, but no apple pie... Sigh... I would have loved to have a slice.