Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Daddy's Home

I couldn't decide how I wanted to start this post so I thought I would plunge right in.  Daddy is home.  Yes, he is finally in his beloved home, sleeping in his beloved bed and sitting in his beloved chair.  But it has not been without a few ups and downs.  Yesterday while I was at the office and watching Rio my phone rang to say Daddy was ready to go home.  Being as it was pouring down rain and I was nearly downtown Tulsa and watching little one and couldn't schlep Daddy, baby, his TV and crap I called my trusty brother to pick him up.  Unfortunately, he was having a horrid day but it was what it was.  So he dropped all he was doing and went to get Daddy.  When he got there the nursing home acted like they had no idea Daddy was going home and they couldn't find anyone to make it HAPPEN!  Daddy was hot and Bro was hot that they didn't know their arse from a hole in the ground.  Finally, about 3 hours later they were walking out the door.  I then got on the texting to my Sis to see if she could go to the store and take Daddy a gallon of milk.  After texting her that Daddy was going home and she responded "Yeah" and "I bet he's happy", suddenly nothing.  I could not  get a response out of her for nothing.  RATS!  By the time I could even think about getting away from the office, and going to the store, then to Broken Arrow, in the pouring down rain, it would be rush hour and after a day of work and watching a very active 1 year old that took a 1 hour nap...NO, NO, NO!  I called my cousin who lives around the corner and he was more than happy to help his uncle and met them at the house with Daddy's milk.  That was the only thing Daddy needed.  Whew, that was done.

I planned to go to the house the next morning, this morning right after my workout about 7 am.  It's not too early for Daddy as he is up anywhere from 3 to 7 anyway.  Well, I pulled up and the house was dark and the paper was still on his porch.  I just turned the car off and decided I would wait for him to wake up.  I figured he was having happy sleep being home.  I texted Bro to tell him I was waiting and he called and we chatted. He told me to go ahead and go on in but I was afraid of scaring Daddy.  I waited until about 7:45 and decided to go in.  I had his basket of clean clothes in my hands and I picked up his paper, stuck my key in the lock and opened the door and yelled it was me (Daddy is about deaf)..........I was greeted with the picture of a full monty of my Daddy!!!!! My first thought was "I'm going blind" ......IIIICKKKKKK!!!!!  He had just gotten out of the shower and was heading to his bedroom for clothes.  His head was down and I realized that he couldn't hear me because his hearing aids were out because of the shower.  Right, he had no idea I was even there.  I put my head down, hollored again and kept walking in towards the kitchen.  I don't know if he heard me but I turned on all the lights and went straight to the kitchen and just waited.  YIKES!

All morning long I had been texting Sister to see if she could get Daddy into the doctor.  Since they go to the same practice I thought, she could do this.  But again, I heard nothing.  So I did the research and got him in on Thursday.  I called Daddy to let him know we had an appointment and he told me that not long after I left his house this morning my niece (Sister's girl) made and appearance to see him.  Normally, that would not be a problem but this 21 year old girl has some issues that have popped up lately and that visit scared me.  She has been locked out of her parents house for stealing and lying and can't hold a job.  She has admitedly confessed on Facebook that she is addicted to drugs and drinks.  She never, NEVER goes to her Papa's by herself to visit.  Daddy said she came in, hugged his neck and immediately went to the counter where Daddy's bulk medicines from the nursing home were all spread out.  She was really looking them all over.  Daddy knows all that is going on with this girl and he told her to get away from the stuff that it was none of her business.  Am I being a worry wart...I think not.  I texted Sis again that Brit visited Daddy and she replied, "She did.  I don't trust her.  I've told Daddy not to trust her." Really.  Then you need to tell her to STAY AWAY!  (Can't believe she replied, FINALLY!)  

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