Monday, August 12, 2013

My Life - Lately

Not much to write about here today.  We had a fantastic weekend enjoying the cabin and much cooler temperatures, even in August.  Actually, it's hard to think we've even had a summer because of the cooler temps and rain, but I'll take it.

The diet is ongoing and my jeans that I put on this morning I realized are just about to fall off of me!!!  It is so amazing!

I've done a lot of reading lately finishing about 3 books by the end of the weekend.  I have found a series that I really enjoy.  It is the White House Chef mysteries.  They are:  State of the Onion, Hail to the Chef, Eggsecutive Orders, Buffalo West Wing, Affairs of Steak (I'm reading now), and Fonduing Fathers.  Nice summer reads and quick.

Wednesday evening I had dinner with my bestie from high school, Sharon and on Thursday I had dinner with my bestie Christine.  After lunch I headed to the local Office Depot for a new printer for home and a paper shredder for the office.  We burned up the last one.  I found a great one that was much quieter (per The Hubby's request).  Back at the office I was hefting the shredder out of the back of my Jeep when the stupid cardboard handhold snapped.  EGADS!!!!  My right arm, which has already been injured felt a a snap in my muscle.  OH MY GOODNESS, my arm is so sore, STILL.  Then today I was assisting our shop guy to tip the thing over to attach the wheels that we didn't find until it was totally uncrated, inside of it, when it slipped and of course I grabbed with the injured right arm.  My muscle will never be the same.  OUCH!

Okay that's kind of life for me lately.

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