Thursday, August 08, 2013

It's Just My Opinion

It's just my opinion but...

  • I hate going to bed watching the news and waking up to the same news, EXACTLY as it was the night before.  Aren't there new stories overnight.  I have to watch a completely different station that is not my favorite to get something new.  
  • Why is that the lottery is NEVER won in any other state but New Jersey, New York or California!  Come on, why can't it be Oklahoma just once when I buy a ticket.
  • Why is it that when you watch television and the commercials come on, the "old people" commercials, the volume is turned up so much you scramble for the volume control to quickly turn it down.  Is it because the elderly are more often than not hard of hearing and the commercial making people want to make sure they are heard.  Watch if you don't believe me.  It is happening people.  (I hate getting old!)

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lotta joy said...

When people get old (my husband....never ME) they watch the news and the weather channel 24/7 like kids watch cartoons. Do kids watch cartoons anymore? OK. Like kids watch. . . . COPS.

I keep telling Joe "It's a LOOP. It's the very same thing they showed yesterday, and they're still announcing that Trayvon is dead."