Thursday, August 15, 2013

Loving Myself

What a day, what a week.  It's kind of same-o-same-o lately.  Up each morning, quick low carb breakfast, workout, shower, work, low carb lunch, play with Rio, grocery store, home, low carb dinner, a little TV, bed...then we start all over again.  Each day, plodding along sometimes it kind of gets to me but that's just how life rolls forward. 

The scale has stabilized on one number and has not budged in two weeks.  I can feel the body change but I so want the scaled to move down, down, down.  Yesterday I had a facial and massage and the massage girl, Carrie, told me of a no carb/low carb pizza dough made out of cauliflower, cheese and egg!  I'm on the hunt now for some different foods/meals to make for us.  I know that eventually the scale will budge downward so I just have to keep up the good work.  I'm sure if I did a bit more cardio it might work, but basically, I'm a lazy person when it comes to that.  Even though I have been working out for close to 20 years I'm just not a person who does it on my own, hence the trainer or when I did Jazzercise I was responsible for opening and setting up the morning.  People counted on me.  I have to be responsible but somehow I can't hold myself responsible for myself.  How is that possible, but it is.  I will not beat myself for this flaw in me but will embrace it.  I am who I am and I love me!  

3 comments: said...

I had that last year the scale not going any further down. Then a friend said then your losing inches go try some clothes on. Oh my was she right. When I tried some slacks, jeans the waist band I could double and the hp area lose, lose. So do not be discouraged. If your discouraged now. Think how you will be when you have loss your weight and on Maintenance.

As Maintances is the trial of it all after as well and you have to be stronger then ever in that department.

So I will pray for you to not get so hung up on that scale. Relax girl.

Hugs girly.

Your doing well but dont let negative stuff get in your way or you will end up like me later. Rolly polly.

Fault of my own. Well part of it.

Yet when I went shopping with my daughter. I was happy. I did not have to go into the plus sizes. So that is a Thank you very much pleaser.

Have a great day and dont worry. If your doing what your doing. Then it will happen for you.

Sweet Tea said...

So proud and happy for you.
I like you too!

Kay said...

Good for you! I have a hard time with exercise and need friends to motivate me, I'm afraid.