Friday, August 16, 2013


Yesterday when the alarm went off I knew that I was going to stay home all day so I sent a text to my trainer that I was sleeping in, which is kind of funny since I can't seem to do that, sleep in.  Anyway, I rolled around in bed and tried to sleep in but decided to get up to start my day.  I just needed a day to hang at the house and not budge which is what I did.  I was very productive too. 

I worked on some paintings and even started and finished one.  I'm working on a small commission for a photographer that wants one of his photos painted to look like a painting not a photo.  I got that for sure.  
After finishing with some more black lines I had to put aside to dry for a week or so.

Then I decided to start this one of Af.  She took it with her phone and I love it and thought it would be a great painting.

I usually paint to classical music but decided to use some jazz and popped in Af''s guy's new CD - Nick Mancini - Storyteller.  Wow, this is what happened with the inspiration!  Thanks Nick! 

2 comments: said...

I never knew you were and artist. I do now.


Kay said...

Lovely paintings, Carla!