Friday, May 24, 2013

Abstract Art is Freeing

I may be silent here lately but I've been productive for sure.  For Mother's Day B gave me an online art class.  One of the options was an abstract class which I've been viewing all week long.  So I've been playing in paint again.  Black Sharpie and watercolor to be exact.  

 It's kind of fun and freeing in a way to let loose and let the mind create.  I have found that it has actually opened my mind a bit and then I decided to do this little jewel.
After I was done with it I posted this quick picture on Facebook and the hits kept coming and I had it sold within an hour!!!!!!  Yesterday the lady came and picked it up.  How cool is that!!!!!!!!!!!

1 comment:

carma said...

Sharpies are my art instrument of choice. I love doing line drawings. Your painting of the daisies is fantastic!