Friday, May 17, 2013

Last Weekend

I know I'm a bit late with last weekends post but better late than never!
The weekend at the cabin was wonderful.  The weather was just what the doctor ordered with fantastic temperatures and sunny skies. 
The clematis and hostas are just beautiful and the peonies, hibiscus and roses make my eyes very, very happy 
Clayton had a good time with a sudden escape on Saturday evening, luckily a short escape! 
Just what the doctor ordered for me, green scenery and warm sunshine! 

1 comment: said...

Beautiful and I love that window take ypou did.

Doors, windows, fences. I love all the artisitc of all with a camera.

People just take those things for granted but I love to see how you did this last picture. Looking out the window. Now it would be one of mine on your computer if I had done that on saver screen going. I have all my pictures going on my screen saver so when I come in to the room a picture looks at me what I have taken. Makes me Proud. I love to take pictures. You should do that unless you do or have.