Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Music and Memory

I'm doing the Monday morning prompt from Mia Magazine a day late.  It's about music and memory.

We were a musical family, but not in the sense of expertly playing instruments or in bands, except for Bro.  Mother played the piccolo, flute and piano, even singing for weddings when she was young and leading the youth choir at church.   Bro, Sis and I all took piano lessons.  Bro played, piano, guitar, trumpet and french horn; Sis played flute and some piano; and I played all of a month or so of flute (broken leg stopped that), and a lot of piano.  I think even Daddy took piano lessons when he was a child and did some guitar.  What we all had in common was a huge love for music and we all could sing, except for Daddy.  We used to sing rounds on car drives of Row, Row, Row Your Boat over and over again in harmony at a very young age.  My favorite memory was Bro playing the guitar in the living room and he and I would sing The Byrd's song, Turn, Turn, Turn.  It was quite beautiful and such fun, and our voices together were awesome.  That was the best time sitting in the floor harmonizing with my brother.  We have always had a very close relationship and that is one of the best memories I have with him sharing one of our passions.

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