Friday, August 12, 2011

Floors, Chairs and Movies

Not much has happened in the bathroom the past couple of weeks except the finish of the floor, shower floor and shower threshold.  For two weeks it has been DEAD and I'm about to scream, but, next week it should all be people upon people.  The cabinets and woodwork will be done, the shower walls will be installed and outside the sod will be laid so we will quit bringing red dirt inside.  Ick.

Last night I came home to these hanging, temporarily.  I wanted air chairs for my birthday in June and they just now got here.  The Hubby surprised me with them, hanging after I got home last night from the girls night out for dinner and the movie The Help. 
He's decided that he likes them so much we may have to have a couple more.  They can't stay yet because the steel awning has yet to be painted or the concrete patio stained.  Soon, very soon!

Now if you haven't read the book or seen the movie The Help, do both.  The book was awesome and the movie was great.  We laughed and shed tears during both. 

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