Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Time Tag

Yesterday I picked up the official packet for the race on Saturday.  I didn't realize there would be a time tag that you attach to your shoe.  I will really be official.  So exciting and I'm ready for it.  Last week I logged about 13 miles (99% treadmill) and this week I'm off to a good start.  Yesterday 3 miles and today 2 miles.  Tomorrow will be iffy as I may have to stay the night with Daddy and miss workout, but I will have dance I guess.  Tonight I am supposed to weigh in but that kind of depends on if I have to stay with Daddy.  Since the nephew is in school there will be no one to watch him.  I'm sure he will be okay but not taking chances. 

Raining here so the workers are a no show.  They may show up this afternoon if the rain stops but it is nice an quiet here right now. 
The wood pile is for the sub-floor and the plastic is the vapor barrier.  We are choosing post and beam construction for a crawl space.  The Hubby prefers and the house is 99% crawl.  (The pictures are grainy as I took them through the bathroom window.  It is rainy and muddy out there!)


Kay said...

Wow! This renovation is moving right along!

Flea said...

Hoorah! For the race AND the renovation! Nasty weather, though, eh?

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