Tuesday, March 01, 2011

I'm Still Here

I'm here.  For a brief moment today I thought I would shut this thing down.  After thinking about it all day long I have decided that I would edit some of my previous blog posts (delete them) and continue on.  I love writing here and that is the most important thing here for me.  I started this blog to help me get through a very tough time with the loss of my best friend Gail and my momma.  What has happened is that I have gained lots of friends across the world and I'm not willing to give that up.  So my friends I'm still here.  It's funny though that I find I'm having to curtail what I write about, nothing about marriage, family, kids, well what else is there.  We shall find out won't we.  No on to what has happened in the past couple of days.

First, I took Daddy to the doc yesterday and he will have another surgery on his hip next Tuesday.  They will take a much larger hunk of flesh off and hopefully it will heal.  I think he needs to do a bit more walking around to get the blood flow better, but that is MY opinion.  He will be fine and he is ready to get it done. 

Next, is the weight loss battle.  I am so upset tonight with the damn scale.  I hate that I have to live by it with weighing in at Weight Watchers.  How many weeks have I been trying to do this thing and I'm only down a little over 2 pounds.  I keep bouncing up and down with tenths of points and it is very frustrating.  I have amped up the exercise!  Last Friday I did 3.2 miles on the treadmill.  Saturday I walked about 1.6 miles with Harri.  Yesterday I did 3.2 miles on the treadmill and today I did 2 miles.  Tonight I went to weigh in and was up again!  I wanted to just throw my purse and keys against the wall.  I am working as hard as I can.  I know that I'm not logging the food like I was but when you eat pretty much the same thing every day I get tired of doing it.  I have got to knuckle down with that again.  I'm in smaller jeans and feeling so good so that damn dial should be going down, down, down. 

Construction update:
The pouring of the stem walls.


Kay said...

Wow! If I couldn't write about my family, marriage or kids, I'd have a hard time doing my blog. I'm just glad you're still here because I love seeing your construction progress.

Char said...

i find i need an outlet and yes, i love my blogging friends so much that i couldn't give them up either.

yay for wearing the smaller jeans, that is the most important thing if you ask me. :)

hope your daddy's surgery goes well.

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