Thursday, March 03, 2011

It's A Wonderful Life

My life is wonderful, yes it is wonderful but sometimes I am sad, I am there today.  Can't help it, just am.  Daddy will have another (minor) surgery next Tuesday and the planets almost aligned to allow me to go to art class then head to the hospital just in time but alas a glitch happened and that won't happen.  Will make it up on Thursday, I hope. 

This morning I was excited to go to my massage and facial since I missed the last month one because of the winter blizzard we had.   I skipped running, makeup and the blow dryer to make it on time, ready to have the knots worked out.  Ouch, a new massage therapist and this was agonizingly painful.  I am not sure that I like that.  We will see tomorrow if I'm bruised.  That is NOT what I want for a relaxing massage.  The massage done I put on the tiny robe and house shoes for the move to the facial room but was told that my girl was delayed at her doctors office.  She told them to offer a mini facial when and IF she could get there or reschedule.  She was upset because she knew that I had been through the ringer with the previous massage therapist that kept flaking out on my every month for 4 months straight.  I was very nice and said that was no problem and that we could just reschedule for next week but inside I was very upset and wanted to cry right then and there.  I was already upset by an incident from last night so my tears were on the verge. 

Last night a bunch of my friends met a good 30 minutes (in rush hour) from my house for dinner.  Five of us live in the same area of town, yet there I drove there all by myself while they shared rides.  Hmmm, this is my problem but I was a bit, a lot left out.  Just saying. 


Kay said...

Oh... I'm so sorry. Sometimes the stars really just don't align and everything seems to bring us down.

I would have been hurt, too if my friends did that and yet, they probably didn't realize that they were causing you pain.

I believe in balance in life. You're at a down point but harmony will insist on a balance and things will look up again and equalize.

Flea said...

Is it just this week? It seems everyone I know, including myself, feels the same way and is having similar experiences? I'm ready to fall completely apart. {{{HUGS}}}