Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Busy Life

Day 19...

My life is now busy as opposed to what...  B out for a few days but next week will begin her teaching schedule again.  Like last year it is a pretty hefty schedule which means I am now at the office most of the time again.  Really, her schedule is much more intense than mine.  I have had a nice summer of a few days off here and there and I've enjoyed it tremendously.  So 5 days a week I workout at 5:30 in the morning.  I rush home to ready for work and rush to the office which is mostly babysitting the phone.  No pressure there.  Then last night The Hubby decided he felt like going to dance class again.  (banging head on desk)  I am a supportive wife and I go but still not my idea of fun.  He is a bit frutstrated that I usually poop out after an hour and a half of constant dancing and spinning on a concrete floor.  Imagine.  But he has to (PLEASE) get that I'm done, just done.  I do the best I can and I laugh and enjoy some of it but...  Then the dance instructor handed out flyers for Night Club 2 Step on Monday's for 4 week sessions.  The Hubby's eyes lit up and I knew that I had to take hold of the situation right then and there.  He's been wanting to take NC2Step for awhile now and he was almost frothing right there.  I said that ONE NIGHT A WEEK ONLY, again.  That was our deal when this whole thing started and I'm enforcing that.  So we will probably drop the Wednesday night stuff for awhile and try the NC2Step.  I also may be not so tired as I am by Wednesday.  Boy, I'm sure getting my cardio in now.  Monday and Friday's 3 miles each day on the treadmill and then Monday's 2 hours of NC2Step.  Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday's are intense muscle days.  This weight had better start falling off of me and I MEAN NOW!

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Kay said...

You're motivating me to get that treadmill. I need to do something to get rid of the extra weight I'm starting to put on.