Friday, November 13, 2009

Taking a break from the paintbrush

Last night I/we took a break from the paintbrush to enjoy a night out.  The Hubby went to a dance class...blech...and I went to a "lingerie" party.  Well, it was more a gadget party.  Yes I said gadget.  Some of the attendees had their jaws hitting the floor and some embraced the concept.  I was not shocked and participated a bit in testing of some of the "lotions" (on my wrist!)  Honestly, I was a bit surprised at the amount of ladies buying some toys but, hey, live a little I say.  There was a lot of laughter and giggling and that is just what the doctor ordered for me.  I've been working so hard on Daddy's house and dealing with the ickiness of it that the nightmares are in abundance.  My sleep has been quite disturbed, but last night, I slept very soundly.  We're also taking a weekend to enjoy the cabin and the company of good friends.  I can't wait to head up there to enjoy the cool fall and a roaring fire in the pit, toast with a bit of wine, and laugh into the night.  Next weekend our youngest A will be home for Thanksgiving and I so can't wait.  It has been since Christmas since she was here.  This year I will be doing the turkey thing at our cabin with the family.  What fun it will be since I totally missed out doing it last year.  I've also jumped up to the plate to host Christmas Eve here at our house.  I'm not sure what possessed me except I have missed that tradition too.  That also means I have to deal with the many boxes that I have brought home from Daddy's.  I will have to go through a bunch of it and put away, reframe (for Daddy) or give away. 

The rose picture has come to my house to stay (as Momma wanted) but I need to find someone to clean it.  It has a film of nicotine coating on it that is hiding some of the beauty.  I told The Hubby this morning that I get a comfort from having it in our house.  It is leaning against the living room wall right now and it gives me a sense of home and contentment.  I don't even remember where Momma got it as it has always been in the living room, a part of my life. 


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great weekend planned - love the picture that is nice it has a sense of home for you!!!

Char said...

beautiful painting - i know you will be thrilled when it's restored.

glad you got a good giggle

Janie B said...

It sounds like you are going down memory lane a lot, and sometimes it's a bumpy road. Those priceless memories can be painful, so take small doses. You need your sleep.

I have pictures in my home that were left to me, too. They are great and really take me back. I hope you can get the rose painting cleaned up. Enjoy your cabin time.

Kay said...

I love those yellow roses, too. It looks like a very peaceful photo.

Hmmmm... that lingerie party sounded quite interesting. I've never been to one.