Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday nothings

This has been a whirlwind week with A home for the Thanksgiving feast.  Plus the ongoing renovation of Daddy's house and work and me trying to squeeze a little painting time in (it's not happenin').  The turkey is now a pile of meat in a ziploc bag in the refrigerator, part of it became a turkey enchilada soup last night.  I decided on Turkey day to invite the MIL, BIL and his loverly partner, and the girls with hubby over for eats and a Christmas decorating gala.  Well, the gala was really a thrown together soup and rush to get the decorations out of the attic.  I set up the tree with lights and waited.  The family arrived and we ate all the delicious soup then proceeded to tackle the tree.  We had 7x2 hands all at once trying to find a branch to put ornaments on the tree.  It was really great fun and it was all done in about an hour.  Now I look at a lot of empty storage boxes sitting in the corner needing to be hauled out to the garage until after the holidays.  I'm glad we were able to share the Thanksgiving day with A and the family but I think it was nice to add a little Christmas with her to share since she will be staying in Californina for the Christmas season this year.  Now that the decorations are done I don't have to worry about getting it done.  I'm going to have the family Christmas Eve here and probably a Jazzercise girls Christmas party here.  This also goes along with still working on Daddy's house.  The kitchen floor will be finished this week and then we need to carry on to the laundry room that is also the pantry and once housed the kitty litter...ICK!, and the pack porch that is just full of junk.  Anyone want a 1982 Radio Shack computer.  Just not sure what we are going to do with that little gem.  We are going to get rid of his dishwasher too as it is not used, it's a rollable.  That little space we hope to fill with a butcher block thingy.  I also need to find a "cheap" loveseat sofa for his living room.  I ditched the hand-me-down couch that my sister bestowed upon him.  You would sit in it and have the arms of the sofa around your head, no springs whatsoever, GONE!  

The past week has also been a bit sad as the BIL's partner lost his very dear 98 year old grandmother.  My  friend Tracy also lost her father and our little puppy Clayton lost one of his previous owners.  In fact in the obituary they listed Clayton as their dog!  Hmmm, not sure I was too keen on that one. 

Also, a milestone is about to happen.  I've written about losing my best friend Gail nearly 4 years ago and the sadness I have dealt with.  Well, next Saturday her husband, The Hubby's best friend, is getting remarried.  The Hubby set him up with a girl they all went to high school with and it has been a good match.  They are very, very happy.  I wasn't sure he was ready to move on but on Facebook yesterday I read their daughters entry saying that they had released Gails ashes in the Pacific ocean and I would say it was because he has moved on.  Good for him.  Kind of sad too.  Smooth sailing Gail!


Anonymous said...

Interesting post.

Grief and all is hard to imagine or deal with.

Patty and I have been married for 54 years. She is like my right arm and does more for me now than ever before.

So I can guess his moving on was time for him.

It must be like getting a new computer or a new computer program. Wow. All the interesting gadgets and colors and programs. It would be hard to accept without remembering what was.

Char said...

so sorry for all the loss but it sounds like a fun decorating party regardless.