Friday, November 20, 2009

The Smell

Yes it is the smell of new carpet and the lack of smell of old, musty and animal urine.  Yesterday the new carpet was laid at Daddy's and it is just beautiful.  The POD was emptied and now I have to empty boxes. 

Now comes the task of the kitchen, more boxes and painting.  The Hubby has decided (YEAH) to put a new floor in the kitchen for Daddy too.  (I love my The Hubby). 

We've been scrubbing the cabinets with a mixture of Murphy's oil soap and some diluted Spic-n-Span to get the sticky of old grease, nicotine and just old off the wood.  Then we oiled them down with Old English which the wood is sucking up like a sponge.  That may take a few rub-downs to get the wood feed but pretty.  The pic is one side is clean, without Old English, the other with the OE. 

Last night The Hubby began Kiltzing the two walls and the ceiling. 


Unknown said...

wow look at what a difference the new carpet made....what a sweet daughter and son your daddy has!

Char said...

your dad is going to be so excited - it's like a brand new house! beautiful renovations. as i've said before, you're a wonderful daughter.

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

You guys are making great progress.

Kay said...

I am totally impressed! I love seeing renovation pictures since that's what we'll be doing for the next few years. You and your hubby are amazing. Your dad is going to be so blown away when he comes home. What a gift to him this is.

Cindy said...

Great progress!