Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunday oh Sunday

I am here sitting in my big comfy chair totally enjoying the quiet of my home. The Hubby has gone to his big toy box (the auto mechanic's garage he bought) to do some more clean up and ready to sell more stuff. We we went to the lake on Friday and had a nice quiet evening in front of the television but quickly hit the pillows about 9 pm. We were beat. About 10:30 I was awakened by tremendous thunder and lightening and lots of blowing rain. The Hubby had opened a window above my head which was fine till the blowing rain came in on my head. I shut it but later reopened it when the clang and clatter had stopped. I did another run/walk Saturday morning and boy was it chilly for a bit. This week I have successfully walked and ran around 5 miles. I'm going to pat myself on my back because for me that is something. Now don't get me wrong I have been doing Jazzercise for over 11 years 5 days a week, but to actually walk and RUN is a biggie.

We had to come back yesterday afternoon to attend an impromptu dinner of burgers at B & B2's. B2's father, brother and sister (her kiddo's and hubby) were all in attendance. We' only met the bro and father once so since the wedding is in two weeks it was time. This wedding is going to be very hard on Richard (B2's father) and all as his wife passed a year ago. They were ALL drinking a lot of beer and so the emotions were on the surface last night. Richard turned to B and told her that this was going to be very hard on him and that he was proud of her and that "Sandra" would be too and really liked B. The tears started welling up in his eyes and I saw B's and B2's and the brother too. Oh No... please no not tears. We had fun last night with a lot of stories and laughs but home we headed about 10pm. We just can't seem to stay up late anymore since we rise at 5 am.

I've been sitting here listening to some World music and it puts me into a thoughtful frame of mind. I want to type or write or something but my thoughts are so scrambled that I have a hard time putting one particular one down because it causes me to go off in a totally different direction. Sometimes I find myself saying out loud the end of a thought in my head to B or The Hubby and the look at me like I'm crazy. I have a whole conversation or thought process going on internally and then finish it verbally. Sometimes I wish I would plug my computer directly into my mind and let my mind type out my thoughts. I think it would be pretty scary what whirls around up there in my noggin. So for those few who do read this blog you will be blessed to read these random thoughts and I hope they can make some sense to someone. Just enjoy and go with the flow!!!!!!

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