Saturday, March 08, 2008

A Beautiful Sunny Day

It's a beautiful sunny day outside as I sit here in my room. The rays of the sun are warming my body as I relax in my awesome chair listening to a Pottery Barn CD called "Music to Soothe the Soul" but I know that it is only the illusion of warmth as I have ventured out to get the paper and feed the birds and was shocked by the cold. I had the brief thought of taking a walk but thought better of it. Yikes! I so hate the cold. I know I need to get out there and walk but I don't want my joints to get cold and sore. I think tomorrow will be a better day or even later this evening.

Today is the shower. My house is clean and I am just waiting. I need to take a shower and get spiffed up for the occassion. The Hubby has left to visit the flea market and then to the office for work, work, work. That means my desk will be piled high with invoices to type on Monday morning. Good, I'll have something to do.

I'm a little apprehensive today as my best friend will be at the shower and I have only seen her twice since November! I've spoken to her probably four times since then too. I know it is a very wierd relationship to call it best friends but when we do get together we have a pretty good time for the most part. I'm lonely. I miss my other best friend Gail. This week she has been gone from this earthly plane for two years now. I miss her still and will for a good long time.

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