Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Busy Week Past and Future!

The last I blogged here I was at 9 pounds lost, well, I'm glad to announce that as of Friday it was 10 pounds. I have not been this weight in over 20+ years. I'm very stoked by my desire to continue on my quest this time. To top off the 10 pounds I broke a small zero, not the big one but that will come in time. I walked with my walking group Monday 1.5 miles, then again on Thursday. Yesterday I again walked and ran at the lake about 2 miles. Tomorrow I am supposed to walk for a St. Patrick's walk, 2 miles, but the forecast is 90% chance of rain and I'm sort of a fair weather walker. We'll just have to see. I know that if I choose to not walk The Hubby will give me grief and looks. He is so afraid I am going to stop and is kind of watching me out of the corner of his eye. Makes me very angry. Lately I've been very perturbed at him with his little comments. I made the statement about being at the back of the pack of my walking group but I'm working as fast as my legs can work and at a very steady pace. He said, "Well, when you lose more weight you'll move faster." That is not the point my dear. My legs are very, very short and so my stride is very short, hence the back of the pack and probably will always be at the back of the pack. I have to face the fact that he is coming at this whole thing with a skinny person brain and I come into it with a fat person brain. They are so very different in their preception of weight, food, exercise, trust me I live it I know. Enough of him. I will proceed the way I want too!

The wedding is two weeks away and we are plodding along nicely. I think we have to pay for the cake and part of the caterer this week and get the announcement in the paper too. She won't let me put the picture in the paper, Rats! Next weekend A comes into town and I can't wait to see her. She seems to be doing very well in California now. She's teaching music to various students, piano, voice and guitar and Loves it. I'm proud of her on sticking to what she wants in life and trying to attain it. Good girl!

Tomorrow The Hubby and I meet with a financial planner. YUCK! The Hubby has decided we need to make more money on our money, make sure we are where we need to be so when we retire or sell the business we will be comfortable. I totally agree but I hate to talk money with him because then he might question "any" of my spending and I draw the line. I do not go shopping and just blow wads of cash contrary to what his perception of my handling of the money goes. He trusts me to manage the money at the office and I do quite well with that and I manage all our money at home and do well with that. I just hate to be put under the microscope. It has taken me a month to gather up all the stuff I needed: 3 years of tax returns, business and personal; monies in the bank in various accounts; properties and the taxes paid; wills, trusts, life insurance, health insurance, etc. I have a HUGE stack of stuff to take there on Monday. I am kind of dreading it but kind of excited to know where we are. One of the things I had to do though was...shhhh...I have been playing at the stock market a little for about 4 or 5 years and since we had to bring all financial records I decided I had better cash out, rats. It was okay as I was losing money at the moment and it couldn't hurt having a little loss right now. It wasn't much, only about $2300 but I was having fun with it but had gotten bored. When I first started it one of the stocks I bought went up from $50 to 1850. I sold that one very quick and it was a good thing because it went down again and has not been up like that again. Very nice return.

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