Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I broke "a" zero

So far I'm down 9 pounds and have broken a zero. It's not the all important zero yet it is a zero. After years of not moving the scale I'm thrilled by my progress. Last night I went out with a few of my girlfriends at Kilkenny's and after a day of Slim Fast I was HUNGRYYYYY. I arrived first and ordered a beer (planned on that) then read the menu making my mouth salivate. I was 10 minutes early so I had a lot of time to sit in the booth and read and read all the delicious food. Whew, I was on the verge of being a very bad girl. In the end I was good. I ordered charbroiled salmon and vegetables with rice pilaf. I did have another beer and did partake in a little of the appetizers but all in all I was a good girl.

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