Thursday, March 20, 2008


Oh my feet, my aching feet and my shins, and my quads, and my everything. Today is the end of the third week of my walking program and I'm still in it. The walk today was a different route and the coach said it was 1.85 miles but my little ole' pedometer clicked off 2.9 miles. Most of the walk was up 61st to the West which driving it doesn't seem like a hill but IT IS, trust me. We turned into the neighborhood behind Kirk of the Hills church and the last part of the name there is an indication of the rest of the walk...HILLS! Yup, I hurt. Last week I told The Hubby that from now on Monday and Thursday he is in charge of the dinner as I'm not coming home from the walk and try to cook. Tonight he had blackened steaks, oven fried potatoes, spinach and tomatoes. Yum and I didn't have to even clean up.

Today I put the wedding announcement in the mail for the paper so it Should come out in the Sunday paper March 30. Everyone watch out for it.

Oh gosh I'm so tired I can't even put words down here. I have to at least stay awake till 9 pm to catch who gets voted off the Supermodel show.

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