Saturday, April 07, 2007

Saturday Night

We stayed in town this weekend because it was Easter weekend (not that we go to church much.) We have decided to have the (his) family for dinner (KFC) tomorrow but you know the only ones showing up are his mother and his brother and partner. The rest of the family is fishing or with the new family.....OK I'm bitter. The Hubby's oldest brother remarried a few years ago and the new sis-in-law has a son and daughter with kids so the bro-in-law seems to spend more time the faux family than with us, the real family. I am bitter. You know he and his "bride" have been to our new house all of one time in over a year. YES, I AM BITTER and I'm not the only one. The bro-in-law's own sons with their own kids are bitter by his indifference to their children. I have a problem with that. The sis-in-law has been causing some problems with the focus on her own family to the detriment of his own family. I know this is a ramble but wo cares it helps me to ramble.

I've been sitting in my "room" today and totally enjoying it. I had The Hubby take me to Tuesday Morning to check out their new new delivery of rugs. I needed his truck since my "new" car can't handle large loads. I found a really pretty muted colored one to sit under my new chair and totally spent the day in MY ROOM! I have always wanted to have my own room and here I am 50 years old in my own room. I grew up sharing a room and a bed with my sister until I moved out when I married. I married, moved out and into a bed with my new husband over 31 years ago. I was desparate to have my own space and now I finally have it. It is MY room and no one, absolutely NO ONE can tell me what to do with it, I won't allow it. It is my room. The Hubby tries to insert his opinion on how I decorate or arrange or by rugs or chairs for it but I will have no part of his opinion on the subject. IT IS MINE! My space. I totally love it.

Man, 3 glasses of wine and I can type all kinds of junk.

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Kelly said...

People always go where the kids's human nature. Think about it, wasn't easter more fun when the kids were little? Big D experienced this when he re-married a woman with a 5-year-old. Of course he spend Christmas-eve with them. Which would you rather have..Christmas with a 5-year-old or a 20-something? I'd pick the 5-year-old any day. But now, I have the little kids...wahahahaha! Now they're all coming to me, but I only have a few more years left. My brother just had twin girls. Man!