Friday, April 13, 2007

Damn Rain

Rain, Rain, go away
Come again some other day!....

I'm so tired of rain. Surely we won't be under burn bans or below the normals on the rain charts this year. I had already put the sweaters and turtlenecks away for the season and here I sit in my new chair listening to thunder and shivering. I want Oklahoma spring and for goodness sake Oklahoma SUMMER! I'm in a bad mood and the dreary, cloudy and cold days are not helping at all. I can't even put the top down in my new car. I must be PMS'ing even though I've only had my monthly (haha) once since last fall and it wasn't much at that.

I'm just sitting here looking at the screen of my computer and am in a fog. I don't want to do anything or talk to anyone or flat anything. I hate this feeling. I've always described it to The Hubby as feeling like I'm in a glass box and every sound is muted to me. He will sense how I'm feeling and ask me if I'm in my box. After 31 years he sure as hell better know me by now. HaHa

DAMMIT! The phone just rang and The Hubby's favorite uncle, Uncle Skeeter passed away. He's upset and his mother is really upset. Also, the oldest daughter's live-in-love's mother had a heart attack last week, underwent 5 bypass surgery and then threw several blood clots and is now on a respirator in a drug-induced coma not expected to make it. This sucks and has eerie feelings of last year and the losses we all suffered in my family. Damn rain!

The Hubby is home and found me blogging and asked, "What is blogging? Is that a part of your MySpace." I explained it to him and he was curious about whether other people read my thoughts. I told him well, not many actually, only 2 or 3 people that I know of. Nice little hubby is in the kitchen blackening some steaks (I fixed some veggies) and he brought me a Turkey/Coke to drink...bless him...I know what he wants.....

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LiveLee said...

when i read, 'I know what he wants...' i laughed out loud. after some of the stories i've heard... ;)