Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Just Because

Just because I'm having a lot of wine you will read a LOT of rambling from me tonight. I'm here in my fabulous room, sitting in my new chair that is sitting on my beautiful new rug while I watch American Idol. I'm drinking a red wine that was made in Missouri and quite delicious (I can't remember the name exactly-Hermansberger?) and trying to make my mind focus on a particular thought.

The American Idol show is a kick-off show and a fundraiser. It's 2 whole hours of "stuff". I just want to know who is going home right now. I know that sounds callous especially since I just shed a tear watching Paula Abdul talk to a little girl talking about her parents working and struggling and she began to cry and so I cry......

I watched Entertainment Tonight and they shared (not reported) that Rosie O'Donnell is leaving The View....Yeah! I can't stand that woman since she is not EVEN funny anymore. She is using her star status to be annoying....glug, glug, glug...good wine....

My #2 daughter A has been flying all day long with her "boyfriend" to the East coast to help with Spock's Beard in their concert tour back there...Connecticut, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, etc...she is getting to use her "education" as a recording engineer. Spock's Beard is a kind of off-shoot of Tears for Fears (the drummer, Nick is in Spock's Beard and is a friend of her's.) Anyway, she is going to being traveling for two weeks and her full-time job knew she would be doing this before they hired her so there you go. My kiddo is happy. I'm so very glad for her. The boyfriend is a little older than her but he is with her and in the same field and so they have a lot in commen. She is happy. Did I say she is happy. What you wish for your children is that they are happy and functioning, contributing adults in the world. She's happy.

The #1 daughter has been going through a rough time for the past couple of weeks. Her boyfriend/live-in's mother passed away, her great uncle passed away, one of her dear friends had some terrible medical stuff, and today the new homeowners found out that they may have to purchase an whole new heating/air system. She was in tears and they've both been sick.

OK-----I have had a brain storm. I'm watching the Idol Gives Back and they were showing the poverty in Kentucky and that 23 out of like 500 families can afford to pay for school lunches. I THINK THAT IF WE HAVE PUBLIC EDUCATION THAT THE MEALS SHOULD BE FREE!!!!!!! How sad to not feed the children when they are in school.

Oh, sweet wine....sweet wine......woo hoo!!!!!!!and it's only Wednesday...!!!!!

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