Thursday, February 15, 2007

What a Bum Day!

What a bum day I have had. My day started with a phone call from the lady from Norwalk Furniture where I had ordered my overstuffed chair and ottoman for my special room in our wonderful newly remodeled home. I ordered the chair a month ago and last week she told me the chair was done and they were needing 4 more yards of fabric to finish the ottoman. Well, this morning there was a crisis because the chair was NOT even started and there was not enough fabric because it was a discontinued fabric (she did not tell me that before, and it was the end of the bolt which had some flaws. So I had to go out and look at some fabrics that we might use to make the skirting around the chair and ottoman. I didn't like any of them and so it was back to the drawing board for her to scrounge something to go with the fabric I did choose that I am determined to use. I LOVE it and WANT it!

The other part of my crappy day was that I was meeting two friends for lunch at 11:30. This was the day and time decided on last week and my dearest friend and I discussed it last night. I showed up at the restaurant at 11:30 and waited. I called my best friend and got voice mail and then called the other friend. She answered and asked what I was up to. I told her I was sitting at the restaurant and she screamed, "C called me and canceled." What...why. My friend C told her I couldn't make it and besides she was having back issues and was on a little medication to ease the pain. I was crushed. Here I sat in a very nice restaurant, by myself in the middle of the room and was devastated. The friend E yelled, "I'm on my way. Order me the spinach salad," and then she clicked off. I waited till noon and E showed up and we had a great lunch. Friend C called my phone before E got there and was confused thinking I couldn't make it and apologized. I said that was OK but you know, it was not OK. I'm so tired of these things happening to me. This is not the first time I've been stood up by friends, other friends. What is it about me that people forget about me. Am I again the kind of person I was in high school an actual wallflower, a part of the scenery. I don't know, but I'm bummed.

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