Monday, February 05, 2007


I have finally won my battle.

First of all our TV/Cable at home sucks. I watch almost exclusively CBS but we have terrible reception. We even had the stupid cable guys out and they told us we lived too close to the tower and we would just have to live with it...and they charged us for the visit...WHAT!!! We watched the Super Bowl with ghosts, red, green and blue hues fuzzing in and out. The score wasn't even visible at the top of the screen. Last night was the last straw. I can't watch my soaps - The Guiding Light and As The World Turns or Survivor or Two In And Half Men so something had to be done. The Hubby finally called today and tomorrow we get Digital Cable and it sure as hell better take care of the problem!

Also - At the office - I have been complaining about being bored sitting at my desk a lot lately and The Hubby had promised me a doohickey that can let me watch TV on my computer but he had to cancel the forever backordered doohickey. I was soooo very depressed about that. I had a TV at the office but it kicked the bucket, then I tried to tape at home but the fairly new VCR bit the dust and then with the stupid Channel 6 problem I was utterly defeated. Well, Friday he finally came through with the doohickey for my computer. Come to find out it is easily picked up at Best Buy...who would have known! It has been installed but the stupid metal building we are in only allows 1 home shopping channel and 2 save my soul channels and fuzzy at that. So, while The Hubby was on the phone with the cable guy for the home system he fixed it so we will get cable at the office. YEE HAW! I am so excited I can hardly stand it. Let's face it I'm a TV-holic to the max.

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LiveLee said...

now you can watch the Guiding Light at work!

p.s. not confirmed--but i heard they were canceling it. :(