Sunday, February 18, 2007


It's Sunday morning and here I sit in our living room having just finished the Sunday paper and enjoying the sunshine that is streaming through my living room window. Finally, we have some warmer days and I plan on soaking up some of the warmth later on today. We didn't go to the cabin this weekend because The Hubby had to do some office work and I had a wedding shower to go to. As it turns out we also had family in town with their 8 month little girl, our great niece. This week is going to be a full one as it turns out I will have to take my father in for cataract surgery tomorrow. My sister D was supposed to take him but she has a sick kid. So Monday I'll take Daddy, Tuesday I'll take Daddy for post-op and next week the 2nd post-op. Next month we do it all over again and I'm waiting for the call that she can't take him again. Our brother, B usually helps too but he's been going out of town a lot with work lately and can't so of course good ole' "Jill" is always there for the back up.

The Hubby announced to me that since I was going to be absent from the office tomorrow that maybe I should go in today (Sunday) and do the mounds of invoicing that he put together yesterday that has amassed on my desk. I told him NO! I am not going to go in on Sunday (I usually do) and besides I have stuff to do at home today. I have got to get my taxes together and ready for the accountant. I hate this time of year. I think he is mad but you know, I spend a lot of idle time sitting at that desk, I can hold a little work for the work week, besides he has held off the invoicing for over a month what's another day or two, Right! ARGHHHHHHH!!!

I haven't heard from my friend about the mess up of the canceled lunch date. I suspect that since she has been taking pain meds that she probably doesn't remember that she made me mad and disappointed me. Too bad but that is usually how it goes for me with her. My oldest daughter Bri told me that I needed to get a new best friend. I told her I have friends but you just don't flush 22 years of a friendship down the drain. I told her I lost one best friend (sudden death) that I could always count on and that I couldn't lose another one. I so miss Gail. She was a different friend and one I could tell ANYTHING too and she would listen. With C I have to hold back and I don't like that because she is too judgemental and I am usually an open book. I will tell you most anything without reservation or embarrassment. I like to have friends who are honest but fair in judgement of me and others.

Oh,,,,I'm rambling again. That's just what happens in this crazy mind that sits in my skull on my shoulders. It kind of goes in all kinds of different directions. I will stop rambling now and toss down another cup of coffee before I dive into the baskets of tax junk.

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LiveLee said...

you're not rambling, that's what this webjournal is for, right?
besides, your other friends like to hear more about what's going on with you too.
and, i don't mean to sound braggy, but we've already filed our taxes!! there is something to be said for 'single income, not self-employed/business owner'. i don't envy you one bit, girl.
so, we should call you sometime after mid-April?