Sunday, February 25, 2007

My Weekend

We went to the retreat (aka: The Cabin, Heaven on Earth) on Friday afternoon and not a minute too soon. The Hubby (aka: The Boss)was driving me crazy at the office. He was stressed and the employees were not helping the situation. He's behind in billing and could not get anything done for the phone calls from the them. They just have to have him hold his hand sometimes and can't figure out a situation or whatever. He was snippy and mean and I got caught in the crossfire. He was so stressed that I snipped back and he growled that it was a miracle he wasn't home in bed with covers over his head and in tears. I looked him in the eye and I swear I saw tears. He was so stressed and he seems to take it out on me then. The other thing I have discovered is that I am the key to keeping his stress under control. Guess what the secret is. Ladies please take note because I have learned this over 31 years of marriage. SEX!!! Yes, I said it. SEX. This at least is the key to my hubby. Amazingly enough when he is relieved he is so much nicer to me and everyone else. If the employees knew why he is so nice sometimes the next day...hahahahah. This is not the only help. It helps that I'm pretty easy going, I'm patient, and understanding and I love him.

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